Mimesis – End of you



I love “End of you”, although I already gave up on buying this one since it’s the third time I try to get it from Amazon and somehow it always “gets lost” in the way. Anyway if you have the chance to find it, BUY IT.

“Mimesis” is one of those albums that makes me say “wish I could get it in Mexico”. Fortunately End of you are awesome and they posted their full album on youtube so we could listen to it over and over again.

If you like dark industrial music I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this one, it’s really upbeat and the match between music and lyrics is just amazing, also if you’re more into pop you might enjoy this one as well since its rhythm it’s pretty metrical and mathematic and you might find yourself enjoying tracks like “You deserve more”. So, Mimesis is an album for plenty music tastes.

Best tracks: “You deserve more”, “Memoir”, “Golden eye”, “Over and out”, “Number 8”, “Blind rhythm”, “Driving down the void” and “In elegance (closure)”

Here’s the whole album for you to listen:

And just because you wanted, End of you also uploaded the “Reloaded” version of the album here:


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