Small town dead – Bleeker ridge

Oh! Back again on I ❤ your band, THANKS to @PunkRockReviews for the support, You can visit their website here. Where they really make a professional work on music (and I’m just doing this for fun and might not have idea of what I’m writing).



From that time when “Bleeker ridge” were “Bleeker ridge” and not just “Bleeker”…

“Small town dead” is a must have (why on earth is that expensive to get it here in Mexico????) anyway, I’ll stop complaining.

If you’re into hard rock music you have to listen to this album because is really good (I know many people like “Four” but I still love this one more). There’s some cynical statements on their lyrics and sure you’re gonna have some fun with this album. Although this one is not new, you really get to see that these guys are really talented and have a really good idea when it comes to make music.

With songs like “You would’ve liked it ” and “From now on” Bleeker ridge makes you think about what’s really important for yourself and why are you wasting time on stupid shit when you should be enjoying the ride.

If you’re planning to send a song for a girl, you have to listen to “Still standing” because those lyrics are just beautiful. So, I think that for an album “Small town dead” tells a lot of different stories from a really self connected perspective.

Best tracks: “Pick me up”, “You would’ve liked it”, “From now on”, “Brother”, “Sixteen hours”, “Easier today”, “Not the only one”, “Still standing”, “Small town dead”, “In our hands” and “Sick of you”.

I couldn’t get the whole albu for you to listen but here’s ne the best songs of the album.


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