Comatose – Skillet



This is the best album by “Skillet”, there was a Skillet before this album and then there’s “COMATOSE”…

Just as with “RED”, don’t let yourself be fooled by the fact that “Skillet” is a Christian rock band. This album is just AMAZING, with awesome guitar riffs, incredible orchestral secuences, strong drums and deep lyrics Comatose is a perfect gift for anyone who likes music.

This album is so good that Skillet haven’t had the chance to record anything better than this so far. (Sorry for “Rise” and “Awake”). Seriously, there are people out there who know Skillet only because of Comatose.

Best songs: “Rebirthing”, “The last night”, “Comatose”, “Better than drugs”, “The older I get”, “Those nights”, “Falling inside the black”, “Whispers in the dark”, “Yours to hold” and “Looking for angels”.

And here’s the “Deluxe” version of the album for you to enjoy!!!



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