My darkest days – My darkest days




My darkest days! I won’t say that this is my favorite record ever or that I find these songs awesome and interesting, to be honest it’s just a “good to have fun” album. Musically speaking this album has some really nice beats and it’s perfect for a party. Unlike many other albums you won’t be finding mysteries or right messages in here, in fact many lyrics are just stupid and misogynous but the music is really catchy.

This is not an album to gift to your girlfriend but a good one for a friend. I hope My darkest days weren’t thinking that they could change the world with “the power of their music” because, as I said before, this one is really dumb! And I wouldn’t like to imagine a 13 year old girl dancing to “PSD” and dreaming of becoming one, or a 15 year old boy wishing to have a party like the one in the video!

Best enjoyable songs: “Every lie”, “Porn star dancing”, “Like nobody else”, “Save me”, “Come undone” (but it’s a Duran Duran cover so…), and “Can’t forget you”.

Anyway, here’s the full album for you to listen:


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