No strings attached – Nsync


And if I talked about “Celebrity” it was mandatory to talk about this one, since this is the record that made Nsync known wolrdwide.

“No strings attached” is their 2nd studio album and back then the “Backstreet boys” were having all the attenction among pop listeners (if you ask me, I always thought that Nsync’s first studio album was way far better than BSB’s first studio album). Nsync were trying to do their thing in Germany (if I remember well) and not many people knew a lot about them, with songs like “Tearing up my heart” and “I want you back” they started to sound on MTV’s american playlists but still they didn’t get it all.

So, “Bye, bye, bye”, Wayne Isham videos and the “Brinberlake” affair did enough to make the whole world know who these guys were.

Still. “No strings attached” is a great album and one worth buying and listening.

Best tracks: Bye, bye bye; It’s gonna be me, Space cowboy, Just got paid, It makes me ill, This I promise you, No strings attached, Digital get down, Bringin’ da noise, That’s when I’ll stop loving you and I thought she knew.

And here it is for you to enjoy:


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