Rockstar – M.R. Márquez



Now I know that this is a blog about music, but we also like to read and if we can read about music that’s a plus!

As some sort of advertising “Rockstar” is a really good story full of dark humor and strange situations that will lead you to enjoy “Tim Thorndike’s” journey.

He is not the regular kid with the dream of becoming a “Rockstar”, he is actually a silly young man who would like to have as much money as he can without moving a finger. So, when the lead singer of a local band gets fired, Tim is considered to replace him and rapidly he becomes the lead singer of that band; the only problem is that he is irresponsible and he doesn’t give a fuck about music. What could possibly go wrong, right?

With great characters such as “Emmett Cuevas” or “Nisse Serneholt” you’ll travel from South Dakota to Stockholm and way back to Pittsburgh in this incredible journey that will make you laugh, cry and even make you want to slap our hero.

And if you’re a fan of the following artists, you might find them being mentioned in the book: Breaking Benjamin, Crash Dïet, Darin, Danny Saucedo, Aerosmith, NIN, Mandy Moore and you might be wondering what does Mandy Moore have to do longside with NIN, well… it’s hard to be heavy!

And the great news is that is available in English and Spanish for kindle users.


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