11:59 – Ryan Star


You might have known Ryan Star because of the TV series “Lie to me”, since his single “Brand new day” was displayed as the main song. Anyway, “11:59” is the record in which that song was recorded and personally I think is a great album.

Full of great lyrics and a really well mixed music, you’ll find rock, pop, electro and alternative vibes to it. And unlike other “Rihanna” like sounds, Ryan Star really made a good job by mixing all these genres in one album.This guy kinda reminds you by when Sting released “Desert rose”.

It’s such a shame that he is one of those artists that you cannot easily find in Mexico, but if you’re someplace else where you can find this one don’t think twice and get yourself a copy.

Best tracks: “Last train home”, “Brand new day”, “We might fall”, “Breathe”, “Right now”, “Start a fire”, “This could be the year”, “Losing your memory”, “11:59”, “You and me”, “Unbreak” and “Gonna make it right” and yes it was the whole album!

I couldn’t find the full album but here’s the most emblematic song to it.

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