About me

Ok, so who am I, and why I’m doing this…

Unlike any other sites like this one, I don’t consider myself a professional critic nor anything like that and my “reviews” if that’s what you like to call them are not intended to judge the artists or their music, I just want to share my opinion regarding what I consider a worth buying record.

I only post albums that I would buy or that I already have in my collection, so If you think I’ll be talking about an artist just because it’s fashionable or trendy, I won’t. Many records out there have only one or two worthy songs while the rest is only rubbish and although they get many sales, those albums won’t be listed here. So you can expect to read about albums that are really enjoyable and have many worth listening songs.

I’m trying to promote these albums for you to actually BUY them and fight against piracy, I, myself have my own battle regarding piracy and by my own experience I can tell that it’s really disappointing when people “love” your work but don’t buy it. So if you like something please BUY it and support its creators.

About me: I’m mexican, writer and you can find me here or here or here.